Fire Rated Roller Shutters

Security rated roller shutter door

Elevate your facility’s safety and operational efficiency with Harlech’s fire-rated roller shutters, meticulously engineered for commercial and industrial environments. Our shutters offer unparalleled protection for a diverse range of settings, including factories, warehouses, schools, and hospitals, ensuring compliance with stringent fire safety standards. With the capability to be installed both indoors and outdoors, our designs guarantee seamless access without compromise.

Harlech’s commitment to safety and quality is evident in our rigorous third-party testing and assessments by a third party such as global leaders in fire safety, Warrington Fire (Element), adhering to BS1634-1 and BS476 Part 22:1987, ensuring our shutters meet the highest standards for fire resistance.

Our extensive selection of industrial fire shutters is designed to offer superior protection against the movement and spread of smoke, significantly reducing the risk of property damage in the event of a fire. With up to a 4-hour fire rating, our shutters are the ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their fire safety measures. They not only help to contain fires within a localised area but also play a crucial role in safeguarding escape routes, ensuring a safer environment for both property and personnel.

Our innovative solutions extend to both single-skinned and double-skinned insulated curtains, each integrated with advanced operational features. The inclusion of DC motors, control panels with battery backups in case of power failure, and customisable drop delays enhance functionality, offering seamless integration with existing fire alarm systems to further enhance your security comes with our advanced safety features, including a robust battery backup system for uninterrupted operation. Our shutters also feature a customisable split drop delay, easily programmable via the DC control panel, which comes equipped with both audio and visual alarms as standard, ensuring comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Beyond safety, Harlech prides itself on customisation. Each shutter, crafted from durable galvanised material, can be left in a standard finish state or beautifully finished in a variety of colours from our extensive RAL or BS palette, thanks to our in-house powder coating capabilities. This blend of safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal ensures that our shutters not only protect but also enhance the visual appeal of your premises.

Harlech doesn’t stop at manufacturing; our comprehensive service includes professional installation and ongoing maintenance. Our expert team ensures that each shutter is perfectly fitted and fully operational, providing peace of mind through enhanced security and fire protection. With Harlech, you benefit from a partner dedicated to delivering end-to-end solutions, from bespoke design and rigorous testing to expert installation and aftercare. Embrace the Harlech advantage, where safety meets sophistication.

Elevate your property’s safety and efficiency today. For a tailored solution that meets your specific needs, request a no-obligation quote or engage directly with our experts. Call us now to explore how our industrial fire shutters can offer you superior protection and peace of mind. Let’s safeguard your premises together.

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Fire rated roller shutter

Product Specifications


75mm 0.9mm or 1.2mm gauge galvanised steel interlocking laths with endlocks to prevent lateral movement, or twin 100mm galvanised steel interlocking laths with endlocks to prevent lateral movement with a fire-resistant insulated core

Bottom Rail

Roll formed 1.6mm T-section or steel folded insulated style


Heavy-duty seamless tube mounted between M.S. plates


Heavy M.S. rolled angle or box section guides bolted/welded to roller end plates


65mm folded galvanised steel channels


Hood as standard


Tubular electric motor, single phase 240v with integrated limit switch (standard) or 24v DC motor incorporating a built-in battery back-up or 3ph direct drive motor (with incorporated brake) or 1ph/3ph flange mounted motor with integrated limit switch


Emergency override manual crank handle (standard) or battery back-up, or chain override


Safety brake to suit size and weight (not applicable to direct drive motors)


DC control panel (supplied with the DC motor)
AV control panel (supplied with any other motor)
Keyswitch (optional)
Push buttons (optional)
Rockerswitch (optional)


Flashing beacon Sounder Time delay options


Standard galvanised finish or powder coated any colour from our standard range


Up to 240min


In accordance with BS EN 1634-1 and BS476 Part 22:1987

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