Rapid Action, High Speed Doors

Rapid Action Doors

Rapid Action Doors & High Speed Doors

Elevate your workspace efficiency with Action Door Solutions, where our rapid action doors, also known as high-speed or fast-action doors, revolutionise the dynamics of industrial environments. These state-of-the-art doors are engineered to enhance the flow of traffic, propelling swift and seamless transitions from one area to another with their lightning-fast operation. Designed for the ultimate convenience, these doors feature advanced automatic control, allowing operators to stay within their vehicles for rapid, barrier-free movement, optimising both time and energy consumption.

Crafted with a focus on high productivity and energy conservation, each door boasts a robust, galvanised finish, prioritising durability and functionality in settings where aesthetics take a backseat. Despite this, we offer a selection of colours within a refined palette to subtly complement your industrial space. Our lineup includes both roll-up and fold-up versions, ensuring a perfect fit for any premises, regardless of location or specific environmental demands.

Action Door Solutions’ rapid roll doors are not just about speed; they are a testament to smooth operation, cost-effectiveness, and reduced energy consumption, embodying the ideal solution for maintaining optimal traffic flows without sacrificing security or efficiency. Embrace the future of industrial doors with us—a future where rapid action meets unparalleled efficiency.

Harlech Doors stands at the forefront of delivering comprehensive door solutions, specialising in the manufacture, installation, and servicing of high-speed, rapid action doors. Our speciality lies in creating customised doors that not only operate quickly but also contribute significantly towards enhancing the operational efficiency and energy conservation of your industrial environment. With an unwavering dedication to excellence we ensure every door produced meets exceptional standards for durability, performance as well as aesthetic appeal. We take pride in our attention to detail which sets us apart from others in this field.

Harlech Doors is more than just a precision manufacturer; we also provide seamless installation services for our dynamic doors. Our team of experts has the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure swift, efficient installations that minimise downtime while maximising productivity in your workplace.

But that’s not all – once installed Harlech’s commitment continues with dedicated ongoing support and maintenance services designed specifically around keeping your operations running smoothly at peak efficiency levels throughout their lifecycle. We offer tailored service plans customised according to individual business requirements so you can rest assured knowing that optimal performance will always be within reach.

In short: when it comes time to choose an expert provider who goes above and beyond expectations look no further than Harlech Doors!

Don’t let another day go by without optimising your industrial environment with Harlech Doors. Our rapid action doors are designed to transform any space into a more efficient and secure workplace. Reach out today for an initial consultation or request a quote online – excellence is just around the corner! With our expertise in hand, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

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Rapid Action, High Speed Doors

Product Specifications


45mm thick, 1.2mm magnelis steel construction, double skinned with interlocking seams reinforced with integral stiffeners, integrated caps top and bottom, astragal and a Dufaylite core.


Self bearing structure manufactured in galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel (extra) with shaped conveyors inside the uprights to allow ease of rapid movement


Standard galvanized track system complete with vertical side seals


Flanged shaft rolling on supports provided with self-aligning bearings


Self braking, asynchronous three-phase motor (380v – 2Hp – 1.5Kw) and cover


Motor release lever and hand crank for emergency manual opening


Rapid magnetic blocking brake to suit size and weight
One pair of standard directional photocells
Self-checking electronic safety edge
One pair of 24v flashing lights


Personnel (mortice, lock, levers)


White (RAL9016) Orange (RAL2008 Yellow (RAL1021) Cream (RAL1014)


Opening/closing up to 1m per second (for large doors or particularly windy areas the speed may be proportionately reduced)

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