Security Rated Steel Hinged Doors

Steel Roller Shutters to stop break-ins

Elevate the security and resilience of your premises with our premier, security-rated steel hinged doors, now featuring the cutting-edge LPS1175 and PAS24 certifications.

Transformative Security with LPS1175 Certified Doors

Our cutting-edge steel hinged doors have not just met, but exceeded, the rigorous standards set by BRE Global, achieving the coveted LPS1175 Issue 8 certification. This landmark certification represents a paradigm shift in how security doors are evaluated and categorised, moving away from the outdated SR2 terminology to the more robust and comprehensive B3 designation. Tailored to your unique needs, our A1 and B3 doorsets are available in both single and double leaf configurations, meticulously crafted from magnelis steel. This innovative material provides unparalleled corrosion resistance, ensuring your door remains formidable against the elements. Equipped with state-of-the-art Assa Abloy locking mechanisms for personnel access and Exidor locking for emergency egress, these doors are designed to offer unmatched security. As we push the boundaries of protection with ongoing tests for our C5 and D10 higher-grade security doorsets, we are committed to delivering a comprehensive security solution that stands up to even the most determined of threats.

Unmatched Protection with PAS24 Certified Doors

For those seeking robust defense against opportunistic theft, our PAS24 certified steel hinged doors offer an exceptional solution. Undergoing rigorous evaluation through Element to meet the standards of STS201, PAS24, BS6375-1, and BS6375-2&3, these doors are engineered for resilience. Available as single leaf doorsets, each is custom-fabricated from magnelis steel, a material celebrated for its superior corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity and durability. Outfitted with our standard sashlock kit and a 3-star cylinder, these doors provide a formidable barrier against unauthorised entry. While our LPS1175 range is tailored to thwart premeditated attacks, our PAS24 doorsets offer substantial protection, safeguarding your property and its valuables against opportunistic breaches.

Choose our security-rated metal external doors to shield your premises with unparalleled strength, durability, and peace of mind, knowing that what’s behind your doors stays safe and secure. With our commitment to innovation and excellence, rest assured that you are investing in the highest level of protection available on the market today.

Elevate your security and aesthetic appeal with our premium external security doors, meticulously crafted from galvanised material for unmatched durability and strength. Choose to embrace the sleek, industrial look of the standard finish, or personalise your security door with a vibrant touch of colour from our extensive RAL or BS spectrum, all available through our state-of-the-art, in-house powder coating facility.

Harlech goes beyond mere manufacturing of these fortress-like steel hinged doors; we empower you with a full spectrum of professional installation and servicing options. Our commitment ensures not just enhanced security, but also unparalleled efficiency and peace of mind. Opt for Harlech Doors, and invest in a seamless, all-encompassing solution that not only fortifies your premises but also aligns with your unique style and operational needs.

Don’t wait to fortify your premises with unparalleled security and style. Take the first step towards peace of mind today by reaching out to us. Call now or request a quote to discover how our tailored security solutions can elevate the safety and aesthetic appeal of your property. Let Harlech be your partner in protection and efficiency.

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Product Specifications


45mm thick, 1.2mm magnelis steel construction, double skinned with interlocking seams reinforced with integral stiffeners, integrated caps top and bottom, astragal and a Dufaylite core.


1.6mm magnelis steel, formed to a single rebated profile in welded form, reinforced and fitted with adjustable fixings for quick alignment. Frame size is 120mm


Stainless steel dog bolt




Factory finished powder coating from our standard range, specialist colours and marine grade finishes available






Personnel (mortice, lock, levers)

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