Security Rated Steel Roller Shutters

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Elevate the security of your commercial or industrial premises with Harlech’s premium security rated steel roller shutters, the ultimate barrier against unauthorised access and forced entry. Engineered to perfection, these shutters have undergone rigorous assessments and tests by reputable third parties like BRE Global, ensuring they meet the highest standards of resilience.

Our LPS1175 Issue 7 certified shutters, customisable from compact 1m x 1m to expansive 10m x 10m dimensions for internal applications, are tailored to offer unmatched protection. Depending on your specific security needs, choose from SR1 to SR4 ratings, each designed to fortify your premises against varying levels of threat. The robust construction of these shutters, featuring heavier gauge materials and an array of locking mechanisms—from pinlocks to ground locks—provides a formidable defence against forced attacks.

Dive deeper into the superior security layers; our SR1 and SR2 shutters boast a single-skinned, thicker coil design for enhanced security, while the SR3 and SR4 models elevate protection further with a double-skinned, anti-cut core. This meticulous engineering ensures that your property remains a fortress, impenetrable and secure. Harlech can guide you on the level of security and protection against a selection of attack options. Harlech offers expert advice on selecting the optimal level of security and protection to counter various types of attacks. Whether facing opportunistic threats with basic tools or more sophisticated methods involving disc grinders and gas torches, Harlech’s security solutions range from SR1 to SR4 shutters. These options cater to varying risk levels, from high commercial to medium government, with resistance to tools categorised from A to D, ensuring your premises receive the highest standard of protection.

In keeping with our commitment to aesthetics as well as security, all shutters are crafted from durable galvanised material, with the option to customise the finish in any colour from our extensive RAL or BS palette, thanks to our in-house powder coating plant. This blend of functionality and style ensures that our shutters not only protect but also enhance the visual appeal of your premises.

Understanding the unique requirements posed by the additional weight of these high-security shutters, Harlech offers a selection of motors designed to ensure smooth operation. We encourage a conversation to explore the best operational solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring that security never compromises convenience.

At Harlech, we pride ourselves on offering a holistic solution—manufacturing, installing, and servicing security-rated steel roller shutters to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our dedicated team of experts ensures a seamless experience from consultation to installation and beyond, guaranteeing that your investment continues to perform optimally over time.

Choose Harlech for a partnership that extends beyond the product. We don’t just sell shutters; we deliver peace of mind, advanced protection, and a commitment to excellence that sets us apart. Let us secure your assets with shutters that stand as a testament to strength and reliability, tailored perfectly to your needs.

Transform your property’s security with Harlech’s state-of-the-art steel roller shutters. Don’t wait to enhance your commercial or industrial space with unparalleled protection. Contact us now to request your personalised quote or to speak directly with our security experts. Let Harlech provide the manufacturing, installation, and service solutions you need for peace of mind.

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Security Rated Steel Roller Shutters

Product Specifications


75mm 0.9mm gauge galvanised steel interlocking laths with endlocks to prevent lateral movement at SR2, or twin 100mm galvanised steel interlocking laths with security endlocks to prevent lateral movement with an anti-cut core at SR3 and SR4

Bottom Rail

Roll formed 1.6mm T-section or yellow bottom rubber carrier with seal


Heavy-duty seamless tube mounted between M.S. plates


Heavy M.S. rolled angle or box section guides bolted/welded to roller end plates


100mm folded galvanised steel channels at SR2, or 80mm reinforced steel channels at SR3 and SR4


Optional extras unless required by current legislation


Tubular electric motor, single phase 240v with integrated limit switch (SR2 only) or or 3ph direct drive motor (with incorporated brake) or 1ph/3ph flange mounted motor with integrated limit switch


Emergency override manual crank handle (standard) or battery back-up, or chain override


Safety brake to suit size and weight (not applicable to direct drive motors)


Keyswitch (optional)
Push buttons (optional)
Rockerswitch (optional)


Standard galvanised finish or powder coated any colour from our standard range


Up to 240min

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