Aluminium Roller Shutters

Aluminium Roller Shutters

Home security has evolved over time and so have our homes. Harlech understands this better than anyone else which is why they offer aluminium roller shutters that seamlessly transition from manual to motorised versions as per your changing needs. These shutters are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide unmatched protection against extreme weather conditions thanks to their versatility and customisable options. Crafted using premium materials by experts at Harlech Doors manufacturing facility these shutters ensure lasting durability and performance while minimising maintenance requirements for optimal peace of mind. Additionally, the corrosion-resistant build reduces energy costs significantly making it an ideal solution for promoting both home security and privacy while enhancing overall living space comfort levels.

Transform your home into a fortress of safety and comfort with Harlech’s premium aluminium roller shutters. Don’t wait any longer to experience the benefits these customisable solutions offer. Contact us today to discover how we can help you secure peace of mind through expert manufacturing, installation, and servicing by our team at Harlech. Secure your future now!

Aluminium roller shutters are a valuable investment for modern living especially in residential areas facing high or rising crime rates. They provide an unparalleled level of security by preventing break-ins and promoting neighbourhood safety. Apart from this they also offer privacy control over light entering your home while regulating indoor temperatures which reduces reliance on heating systems resulting in significant energy savings. This dual functionality makes them worth considering as it provides both comfort and cost-effectiveness along with peace of mind. Investing in aluminium roller shutters is not just about protecting yourself but also taking proactive steps towards creating a safer more efficient environment at home.

Aluminium roller shutters are a reliable option for homeowners who prioritise security. These robust shutters offer durability that lasts over time without any need for extensive maintenance or upkeep. Additionally, their corrosion-resistant nature ensures no warping or cracking occurs which could compromise the integrity of your home’s protection system.  The rating system from SR1 to SR4 indicates varying levels of defence against forced entry – allowing you to choose exactly how much protection is necessary based on individual needs and preferences.   BRE testing assures you that these shutters meet industry standards when it comes to preventing unauthorised access into your residence while also seamlessly blending with various architectural styles for an elegant yet secure living space.  With all these benefits combined choosing aluminium roller shutters as part of your home’s security plan makes perfect sense!

Aluminium roller shutters offer an unparalleled combination of security, privacy and energy efficiency for your home. These versatile window coverings provide you with complete control over natural light levels while also blocking out unwanted noise from outside sources such as traffic or loud neighbours. Whether looking for protection against intruders or simply seeking a peaceful living environment these aluminium roller shutters represent the perfect choice in terms of both practicality and affordability.

Transform your home’s security and aesthetic appeal with Harlech Doors’ custom-designed aluminium roller shutters. Take the first step towards creating an environment that is both safe and stylish by reaching out to us today for a consultation on tailoring the perfect shutter solution just right for you – complete with professional installation services as well as dedicated aftercare support. Your enhanced peace of mind could not be easier or more accessible than this!

Don’t wait to secure your premises — contact Harlech today for a custom solution that fits your unique needs. If you’re looking to install new shutters our team is ready to assist. Request a quote or telephone phone us now and take the first step towards enhanced safety and performance.

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Domestic Aluminium roller shutter garage door

Product Specifications


From 39mm up to 77mm foam filled aluminium interlocking laths with endlocks to prevent lateral movement

Bottom Rail

Bottom rubber carrier and seal


Heavy-duty octagonal tube mounted between plates


Heavy M.S. rolled angle or box section guides bolted/welded to roller end plates


Tubular electric motor, single phase 240v with integrated limit switch (SR2 only) or or 3ph direct drive motor (with incorporated brake) or 1ph/3ph flange mounted motor with integrated limit switch


Emergency override manual crank handle


Safety brake to suit size and weight


Hood as standard


Keyswitch (optional)
Push buttons (optional)
Rockerswitch (optional)


Standard galvanised finish or powder coated any colour from our standard range

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