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Steel hinged door

Harlech takes pride in delivering exceptional, tailor-made steel hinged doors, meticulously designed for a wide range of uses in a multitude of environments, including both the bustling commercial and industrial sectors as well as the serene domestic settings of homes, garages, outdoor buildings or anywhere that requires the highest quality exterior doors. A highly sought-after service is our bespoke side hinged metal garage doors, embodying a perfect blend of functionality and elegance that is fitting for any outdoor living space.

Engineered from 1.2mm magnelis steel and boasting a thickness of 45mm, our doors set the gold standard in corrosion resistance, tailored to meet your exact requirements. Whether you require a single or double leaf door, with the option to incorporate vision panels or louvres, we’ve got you covered.

In high-demand areas, the resilience and dependability of steel hinged doors shine, making them the go-to choice for both commercial and domestic applications. Their robust security features offer unmatched peace of mind for homeowners, while their application in heritage buildings marries classic allure with contemporary functionality.

At Harlech, we understand the paramount importance of security. Our steel hinged doors can be equipped with any locking mechanism, featuring anti-jemmy bolts and high-security locks to thwart any unauthorised entry attempts. Adhering to the most rigorous fire safety and security benchmarks, our doors provide more than just protection—they bring an unparalleled level of resilience against impacts. This commitment to superior safety standards significantly elevates the security profile of your premises, ensuring that your space is not just safeguarded, but fortified against any threats, enhancing the overall safety and peace of mind.

But the benefits don’t end there. Our steel hinged doors are champions of energy efficiency, potentially lowering heating bills through their insulative properties and reduction in heat loss.

Customisation is at the heart of what we do, allowing for a personal touch in the aesthetic design of your door, which stands resilient against the harshest of weather conditions, ensuring enduring performance and durability. Choose from a vibrant spectrum of colours from our extensive RAL or BS palette, thanks to our advanced in-house powder coating technology. This harmonious blend of safety, functionality, and visual appeal ensures our custom-made steel door solutions not only secure but significantly enhance the aesthetic of your property.

With Harlech, you receive a comprehensive service package, including bespoke manufacturing, professional installation, and meticulous ongoing maintenance, offering a streamlined solution for sturdy and stylish entryways.

Elevate your property’s security, efficiency, and aesthetic with Harlech’s bespoke steel hinged doors. Ideal for any setting, our doors promise unparalleled durability, supreme security, and exquisite style. Don’t settle for less in safeguarding and beautifying your space. Reach out to Harlech today for a custom solution that meets your precise needs. Request your quote or give us a call to explore how our expertly engineered steel hinged doors can transform your premises.

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Fire Rated Steel Hinged Doors

Product Specifications


45mm thick, 1.2mm magnelis steel construction, double skinned with interlocking seams reinforced with integral stiffeners, integrated caps top and bottom, astragal and a Dufaylite core.


1.6mm magnelis steel, formed to single or double rebated profiles in welded or knock down form, reinforced and fitted with adjustable fixings for quick alignment. Standard frame size is 120mm but can be manufactured to as narrow as 80mm


Stainless steel dog bolt


Various styles of threshold available including flat, double ramped or rebated with either squared or chamfered back for external doors, with internal doors supplied cill free unless specifically requested.


Factory finished powder coating from our standard range, specialist colours and marine grade finishes available






Personnel (mortice, lock, levers) or escape doors (panic latch)

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