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Harlech Industrial Doors fabricating industrial Roller shutter door

Harlech Mechanical Services stands at the forefront of providing comprehensive industrial solutions, specialising in a wide array of services from the intricate fabrication and manufacturing to the meticulous commissioning and installation of sophisticated pipework systems tailored for high-demand industrial applications, including the petrochemical, chemical, and high purity applications (HPA) sectors. Our structural steelwork services, accredited to ISO EN 1090 standards, along with our expert-coded welding, showcase our capacity to handle all types of general fabrication works with unmatched precision and excellence.

Our Workshop and Site Capabilities are bolstered by a team of highly skilled, specifically trained, and qualified fabrication and welding experts. Backed by experienced supervisors and coordinators, we guarantee an end product of exceptional quality, crafted in compliance with the latest and most stringent guidelines. Our adept use of advanced welding processes—M.M.A. (Manual Metal Arc Welding), M.I.G. (Metal Inert Gas Welding), and T.I.G. (Tungsten Inert Gas Welding)—in the creation of carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminium, and other specialist materials underscores our versatility and commitment to excellence. Our team includes coded welders accredited to EN 15614 and ASME IX standards, ensuring that every project, whether it involves pipe, vessel, or structural applications, is executed with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

Our comprehensive services extend to plasma and guillotine plate cutting, precise bending and rolling, meticulous fitting and commissioning, alongside a dedicated outside test and erection area, all underpinned by our rigorous Quality Control measures.

Harlech Mechanical Services also excels in on-site fabrication and welding, offering installation services that encompass a broad range of requirements—from pipework and vessels conforming to PED regulations to all facets of structural steel projects. This includes the construction of access platforms, conveyor systems, hand-railing, fire escape stairs & ladder systems, hopper fabrication, and the intricate installation and relocation of machinery.

Our Specialist Welding division positions Harlech as a leading provider of specialised welding services for both structural steelwork and pipework. We pride ourselves on supplying fully qualified and accredited welders capable of working with a variety of metals, adhering to the specific coding required by our clients to meet their exact welding needs. Our engineers are dedicated to addressing welding engineering challenges, analysing weld failures, eradicating weld defects, offering expert witness services, and formulating welding procedures tailored to project-specific requirements.

We invite you to discover the breadth and depth of our services and how Harlech Mechanical Services can elevate the efficiency, safety, and success of your industrial projects. For a closer look at how we can support your needs with our bespoke solutions, please visit our website at Engage with us, and let Harlech Mechanical Services be the driving force behind your next industrial success story.

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