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Lattice Grilles

Lattice Grilles.

The Excalibur is an established expanding security grille, manufactured in the UK, providing security with ventilation. Ideal for use in the home, office or shop environment.

Continental Grille


Our discreet panels form a neat and unobtrusive ‘curtain’ when not in use.
Smooth and quiet operation is facilitated by nylon components which separate all steel moving parts
Each bespoke grille is manufactured to meet size requirements and can be finished in any of our standard colours.
Galvanized steel is used to ensure all grilles remain rust free and only require minimum maintenance
The bottom tracks can be moved up or made removable to allow easier access for wheelchairs or pushchairs.
Planning permission is rarely required
A Multipoint locking system is designed with the user’s protection in mind, offering maximum security including an anti-lift hook bolt which is housed in an alumina-ceramic core for protection against saw attack.
The Grilles are manufactured from an extruded Aluminium framework with galvanized steel uprights and cross members. meaning they are both strong and attractive in appearance.
Grilles can be powder coated in various colours, allowing the grilles to blend in or stand out from the environment.
Variable Options
Curtains can be folded to either side (Single Stack) or both sides (Double Stack)
Fixed Panel: Panels can be manufactured in a fixed framework, with no lock.
Flexible Stack: The Grille can be opened from either side and can be moved to the left or right as required.
Whole Stack to Hinge Aside: The Curtain can be made to hinge 90 degrees, in order to allow maximum visibility and access.

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