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Speed Gard Rapid Doors

Rapid Fold-Up Door Specification
Harlech speed-gard rapid doors are a self-bearing structure realised with a pressed sheet profile in hot galvanised steel. Border for shoulders in rigid black PVC profile to reduce wear and tear of the mantle. Flexible mantle in PVC double coated polyester fabric, class 2, self-extinguishing fire proofed, provided with heat welded pockets for reinforcing pipes and 1 row of transparent windows on 3rd sector at eye line as standard. Reinforcing pipes in galvanised steel against wind & sinking, fitted into heat welded
pockets on the mantle, easily sliding in case of crash, to be straightened or replaced. Fold-up system of the mantle by strong belts. Flanged tubular galvanised shaft, rolling on supports provided with self-aligning bearings. Self-breaking asynchronous three-phase motor, power supply 380/400v, with 1 HP (0.75kw), rapid magnetic blocking brake and motor cover in galvanised sheet. Rotatory limit switch with double cams (open / close safely). Multifunction Electrical control panel with integrated push button panel (CEI norms – IP45) working by microprocessor. It is provided with logical control circuit board and led indicating the operating stages, power
circuit with fuses, controlled by remote control switches, easily adjustable timer (warning signal, automatic closing stop, dip-switch to select the functions manual or automatic), push button panel (open, close & emergency stop). Shaped conveyors inside the shoulders to allow the right approach of the mantle. Safety / emergency device that, in event of power failure, releases the motor brake and automatically opens the door by approx 2 metres. 1 pair of standard directional photocells, 2 flashing lights 24v Electronic safety edge in conducting rubber with self-checking board.
Opening speed of approx 0.7metres per second. External start push button & emergency stop red mushroom push button.
Radid fold door

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories
Coating of structure RAL colour on requestSilver grey RAL 9006 curtain
Insulated or micro-drilled curtainAdditional window rows
Yellow pillar bumpersArmoured photocells
Adjustable anemometerBuzzer
Pull micro-switch (eventually with pull micro- switch support)2 / 4 channel radio transmitter, complete with antenna and radio receiver.
Adjustable intensity radarSelf-gauging metal detector single / double channel with coils.
Customer logo on PVC curtainTransponder

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