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Door Maintenance Company Limited stands as a pivotal pillar within the expansive Door Maintenance Group and the esteemed Harlech Doors family, capturing the essence of repair, service, and maintenance excellence in the industrial door sector. Managed by experienced and highly respected individuals, each boasting over four decades of specialised experience, this division is a beacon of expertise and reliability in the field.

Specialising in the comprehensive care of all varieties of industrial doors on a national scale, Door Maintenance Ltd is adept at servicing an extensive array of door types, including roller shutter doors, fire doors, sectional doors, and steel hinged doors, across a multitude of sectors. Our unique position within the group, as manufacturers of almost all the products we service, empowers us with the unparalleled ability to swiftly address repairs and breakdowns, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption to your operations.

Our dedicated maintenance team offers an around-the-clock, 24/7 emergency call-out service, guaranteeing rapid response times, typically within 2 hours, via our accessible hotline (0800 834347). This unwavering commitment to readiness and rapid response underscores the importance we place on the regular servicing of doors and shutters. Adherence to legislative requirements and the potential for significant time and cost savings, by preempting breakdowns through early issue reporting, are foundational to our approach.

Beyond our core offerings, Door Maintenance extends its expertise to the installation and upkeep of automatic doors (including both sliding and swing types), gates, traffic barriers, and auto bollards, catering to the diverse needs of all sectors. Our ethos is grounded in delivering professional, top-tier service, and fostering positive and productive relationships with all our clients. Our goal transcends mere short-term achievements; we are dedicated to building trust and mutual respect, evidenced by many of our client relationships enduring for over three decades.

As a forward-thinking and progressive entity, Door Maintenance Company Limited continually evolves and refines its services to meet the dynamic project requirements of our clients, maintaining steadfast loyalty and commitment from our workforce. In partnering with us, you’re not just choosing a service provider; you’re selecting a partner committed to your long-term success and satisfaction, a partner that stands ready to safeguard the operational integrity of your industrial doors, ensuring they remain in peak condition, day in, day out.

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