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‚ÄčAt Harlech Industrial Doors Ltd we manufacture every purpose made door in our factory residing out of Cardiff, South Wales. With a production line in excess of 20 men, Harlech are committed to ensuring every door is manufactured in plenty of time ready for installation.

Powder Coating

‚ÄčOnce manufacturing has completed we offer all our products to be powder coated from our in-house plant. With an oven which can house doors up-to 12metres wide, there is no door that we manufacture that cannot be coated ourselves. Our powder coating plant is open to external business that can be fitted in around all in-house doors.


Our fully qualified installation teams, with their friendly, helpful and Professional service, compliment our manufacturing base. Installations are normally U.K. wide, however Europe and beyond can be arranged for Larger contracts with sufficient notice. Each installation team has one member with a minimum of 10 years experience in order to iron out any possible queries the customer may have on site, combined with the back-up of regional area managers and representatives.

Service & Maintenance

Feel free to contact us to see about servicing your existing facilities to make sure that they are in good working order and stay in great working order to meet the current British Standards. We advise that all of our products receive regular servicing, as this provides optimum service and prevents faults or breakdown developing in the future. All doors that are serviced will be provided with a certificate showing that they are in good working order and comply to the latest British Standards.

We provide a full maintenance service for every area of our expertise. Keeping our equipment in good working order is important for all our purpose made products.
We are on hand to deal with any defect or issue that may arise during the service of any type of door.


For any emergency repairs to any type of doors or other equipment then please contact us on 0800 834 347. We provide a 24 hour repair service from experienced staff that can deal with any problem that arises, ensuring that your sites and all doors are safe and secure. We will then follow up to complete any repair work to your complete satisfaction.